My name is KASHA McKee. I am a Canadian multimedia artist. Originally, I was intended to be a painter. Over the years I have experimented with 35mm, medium format film, digital video, digital stills, music, performance art, and literature. It is impossible to recount all of my trials and tribulations or all of my accolades and accomplishments over my twenty-six year career. It would be fair to say that the paths I have taken have been those less travelled and I would never trade for what could have been. 

The importance of ART in our world is paramount. Artists throughout the ages have been ethical barometers of civilization, mirrors of human nature and proof of our fleeting existence. Society needs to see itself in the physical expressions of art as reminders and check points in life. Whether an artist depicts the gruesome details of war or the beautiful skin tones of a nude; whether the motive is to shock or provoke thought, artists are the true magicians with real magic in their hands. People have a tendency to forget what it means to live. And so, it is the artist who is the constant breeze of recollection. Art history is testimony that enabling artists to create, provides the world's museums, galleries and private collections with priceless works that generations will honor and cherish. Today,  artists strive harder to be acknowledged with a new sets of skills on top of their art. They must be savvy of public trends,  business fundamentals, internet marketing and fearless of networking. This is a tall order considering artists have been entrusted with reflecting the quintessence of life in their finished product. It is our collective disposition to be creative, enthusiastic, industrious, and expressive. The digital evolution gifted visual artists with a brand new horizon, a wild west of possibility. I revel in these energies everyday and consider myself a product of my environment. While millions of people take millions of photographs everyday, can they make a piece of Art? There is a new breed of Fine Art Photographer emerging and creating art history. This is the era of the conceptual photograph that I am very excited to be a part of. It is precisely what POP Art was to Andy Warhol, what Abstract Expressionism painting was to Jackson Pollock and Cubism was to Picasso.

Unfortunately, the commercialization of ART is distorting public opinion. The intention of ART and the Artist's struggle must be major components for the knowledge and experience of the audience. This is a gallerys'  responsibility. The pursuit of art should  not focus on making  a profit, or following trends.  My conceptual photographs deliver fresh perspective to art lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors. My audience is learning, thinking and understanding the true pursuit of ART. That is why my work is unique and special.

As a contemporary Artist, I have known this modern world to be fierce and fickle. The lessons I have learned in pursuit of my craft, my art, have permanent marks on my soul. I have flown high and fallen, only to rise again with a larger wings. 


KASHA McKee, Fine Art Photographer - Wheels, Wings & Fashion hanger party, April 2018

KASHA McKee, Fine Art Photographer - Wheels, Wings & Fashion hanger party, April 2018