KASHA MCKEE, Producer, DJ, launches HOUSE OF PALM BEACH Productions in Palm Beach Florida. Specializing in BRANDING marketing/promotions. Spanning 30 years of producing club nights, gallery exhibitions, and private parties.

HOUSE of PALM BEACH PRODUCTIONS 'Resonating the sounds of the East Coast' Producing signature, special events with the best local DJs. #dancemusic #localdjs #danceclubs #musicevent #concert #performance #edm #specialevents  


The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little girl who discovered the magic of MUSIC. Instead of playing with dolls she played her mother's records so she could sing and dance to her favorite songs over and over.  She started her own collection at 7 years old.  As she grew older, she collected tape cassettes and then CDS but she always cherished her records. From mixed tapes to playlists to LIVE SETS, sharing the magic of MUSIC is her mission. A natural born PRODUCER, KASHA learned the ropes from participating in plays, art shows, live concerts, fashion shows and learning from the best in the marketing/promoting VIP South Beach and Toronto Club Business. STAY TUNED for plenty of FUN!