"An Artist must first admit they are an Artist, and secondly prove it."

When I was enrolled in the Interior Design program at Ryerson University in 1992, downtown Toronto, we were encouraged to play with different mediums like photography.  My roommate had just graduated from the photography program, so I asked her to help me with an assignment. Roxanne was happy to show me the ropes for what I had in mind, a negative print. From which film to buy, to how to shoot my concept, to developing and printing in the darkroom...I was hooked.  So I quit interior design and volunteered for the school newspapers that supplied film and press passes to the rock concerts I wanted to see. All I needed was a camera, which I signed out from the photography school until my student card expired. My mother bought me my first bag of equipment second hand, Pentax K1000 with a of couple lenses. I hit the streets of Toronto like I was on fire and never looked back.

From that first negative print experience, I went on to experiment with chrome slides and manually mount images to create the mirage of the double image. I also enjoyed cutting snapshots to montage more intricate images that usually duplicated the main subject or expanded into panoramas. The digital evolution enabled me to discover the Conceptual Photograph. I have always had the vision to see things differently. Now that I have the tools, like any true Artist, I will push myself further in the pursuit of art.  KASHA


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