"This series is pure magic. What do you see?" KASHA

These original, Conceptual Photographs are massive 66'x96" printed on canvas, framed in black, glossy wood. Each piece is signed in gold leaf, embossed and stamped with official seals. The creative process used 3-5 combinations of digital images of fire that were mirror imaged, flipped, turned, maneuvered and layered until magically, these masks appeared. From over 1000 images, 6 months later, 25 DEATH MASKS were born. This series represents human mortality and the spirit to live. This collection intends to provoke  the audience to see themselves and reflect on their own legacy. Therefore, each mask already has an owner, 25 trail blazers on the planet have yet to be introduced to this work. It is just a matter of time for them to be united.

Watch the VIDEO NARRATIVE by KASHA McKee describing the DEATH MASK LEGACY series on location at her pop up gallery.


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