DJ/Producer KASHA, (House of Palm Beach Productions), joined forces with Music Engineer OSCAR ZAYAS (OnBeat Studios) and Guitarist ALEX J ZAPATIER to collaborate with nonprofit HUMANS CONNECTED. Their mission statement is a powerful Public Awareness Announcement to 'STAY HUMAN' and use
technology responsibly. KASHA was thrilled to accept the challenge of creating a REMIX of the award winning music video and recruited her team personally.  #LOOKUP the REMIX embraces the strengths of the original, and spins it into a cross genre HIT.


KASHA MCKEE, DJ/Producer signs up with new non profit HUMANS CONNECTED to advocate their mission to remind the world to #LOOKUP This video documents the back story of how the REMIX was made.



KASHA collaborates with GI Heath Resource to share her unique recipes to support 'tummy health' . You will find immune boosting smoothies, gluten and dairy free dishes by GI KASHA that are easy and delicious.
‘This website meets the needs of those who suffer with gastrointestinal issues like I do.  I love it because you can order the ingredients of the recipes and the kitchen accessories delivered to your door! There is so much to learn and it seems impossible at first to live with such a strict diet. GI Health Resource makes it easy.’ KASHA

Recipes, Resources & Ingredients for a healthy diet.  Become a GI Hero and be part of a movement of

Become a GI Hero and be part of a movement of
awareness and acceptance for tummy health.